Continued attacks on Christians and other religious minorities testify to the dangers of religious nationalism in Burma

Fighting between rival armed groups in Shan state displaces over a 1000 people

-Burmese military in violation of human rights by limiting access to food and humanitarian aid

-Crackdown on Activists in Karenni State leaves over 80 arrested

Key Developments

After a United Nations call for investigation of genocide, several EU countries are considering further increasing sanction against Burma. They believe sanction will weaken military and big businesses linked to the country’s military. As of now the EU has placed a travel ban on 14 army and boarder officials in Burma for committing serious human rights violations.

-Jailed Reuters Journalist appeal of seven year sentence proves unsuccessful. A spokesperson for Reuters called the decision a setback to media freedom, the public’s right to information and the rule of law in Myanmar and a missed opportunity to right a wrong.

-Bangladesh’s foreign minister AK Abdul Momen has proposed establishing a safe zone in the Rakhine state of Burma so that Rohingya refugees can return to the land from which they fled state persecution. He also proposed that those who return be guaranteed Burmese citizenship.

A reparation deal was made between Burma and Bangladesh in 2017 but has been postponed due to international worry for Rohingya safety in their home country.

Source: Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust