Scientists Claim Discovery of Multiple Liquid Water Lakes on Mars

A team of scientists studying data from a satellite orbiting Mars say they have discovered evidence of several lakes of what they believe is salty, liquid water beneath the surface of the planet’s south pole.The discovery, detailed in a study published…

Posted in General September 29, 2020

Coronavirus Global Death Toll Tops 1 Million

The number of people killed by COVID-19 has surpassed 1 million, according to the widely cited Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. The center put the total number of infections worldwide at more than 33 million. COVID-19 is the disease caused…

Posted in General September 28, 2020

Israelis Mark Yom Kippur Under ‘Painful’ Virus Lockdown

JERUSALEM – The solemn Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, which annually sees Israeli life grind to a halt, begins on Sunday in a nation already under a sweeping coronavirus lockdown. Every year, businesses shut down, roads empty out and even radio and TV s…

Posted in General September 27, 2020

US, India Report High Number of New COVID-19 Cases

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center has reported large jumps in new COVID-19 cases in India and the U.S.Johns Hopkins said late Saturday that India had 86,054 new infections in the previous 24 hours, while the U.S. reported 55,054.In the U.S….

Posted in General September 27, 2020