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Learning lessons from COVID-19 in Myanmar

School closures in Myanmar resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have affected millions of students. The UN is working with the country’s authorities to ensure that the education system is made more resilient, and children’s schooling is protected as m…

Guidelines for Caregiver-Led Education

Instructions to caregivers Due to COVID19, all learning facilities are closed until the end of the month. While the learning centers are closed, it is important that the students continue with learning using the education materials they have at home. Therefore, you as the caregivers can support your children in learning. General Caregiver Instructions: Practice […]

Education Sector in Cox’s Bazar – Multi-year Strategy

  Preamble Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, education is currently disrupted for 1.5 billion students worldwide, which includes Bangladeshi and Rohingya students in Cox’s Bazar. All of the almost 6,000 learning facilities in the Rohingya camps are closed until at least 9 April 2020, in alignment with the Government of Bangladesh’s (GoB) decision to […]

Energy & Environment Technical Working Group (EETWG): June 2020

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has halted most of the activities in the largest refugee settlement of world, elephant watchers have been working tirelessly to keep both the refugees and elephants safe. Analyzing HEC incidents from the previous years, it was evident that elephant activity is higher during this time of the year. As UNHCR […]

Whistleblower Says US Officials Ignored Coronavirus Drug, Equipment Warnings

A senior U.S. government scientist is set to testify in a congressional hearing next week after filing a whistleblower complaint alleging officials retaliated against him for insisting on “scientifically vetted proposals” and “a more aggressive agency response to COVID-19.” Congresswoman Anna Eshoo said Rick Bright’s complaint raises serious concerns about the Trump administration’s response to […]

Celestial Events Liven Up Sky This Week

If life on Earth has become tedious with coronavirus restrictions, celestial activity this week promises some excitement. In addition to an ongoing meteor shower, the year’s last supermoon is out and will be seen at its best Thursday. The annual Halley’s Comet meteor shower peaked Monday, but the meteor streaks will still be visible in […]