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Myanmar Villagers Flee Into China to Escape New Fighting

More than 100 villagers fled their homes in Myanmar’s northern Shan state into China as fighting broke out between ethnic Shan rebels and government forces, sources said Wednesday. A military spokesman said the clash, which wounded one civilian, began Tuesday when government troops seized three truckloads of illegally logged timber, though a spokesman for the […]

Shan Political Parties Criticize Election Approach Amid COVID-19 Pandemic as ‘Unfair’

On July 1, the Union Election Commission (UEC) announced the date of the election as November 8.   Burma’s COVID-19 control committee extended its COVID-19 guidelines on social gatherings until at least July 15. Groups of more than five people are prohibited from gathering according to these restrictions, creating difficulties regarding election planning and campaigning. […]

Villagers Flee Fighting In Northern Shan State

Over 40 villagers took refuge in Kawng Nyaung Buddhist monastery in Loi Sawnt village-tract after fighting broke out between the Burma Army and Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) in the late morning of this Tuesday (July 14).   Sai Sai says villagers saw the Tatmadaw military column the night before. The following […]

Burma Army Sends More Soldiers Into Kyaukme

Kyaukme resident Sai Htwe Han said that military columns entered into Nawng Peng village-tract on July 16 and that travel to the area is now blocked.   “They interrogated travelers on the road. People are worried that clashes will occur again in the area,” he told SHAN.   The Burma Army and the Restoration Council […]

SNDP Optimistic About 2020 Electoral Outcomes

  Chairperson Sai Aik Pao spoke to SHAN after the party’s 17th central executive committee meeting in Taunggyi on July 16. In the meeting, they reportedly selected “90 percent” of their candidates.   “We expect to form the Shan State government. We could not do it in 2015 general election,” Sai Aik Pao said. “I […]

Don’t Compensate Us With Deforested Land, Say Hsihseng Farmers

  The township’s council—part of the Pao-O Self-Administered Region—said they would give around 200 acres of land to Hsihseng farmers whose land was confiscated by the Burma Army.   “The local authorities and the Hsihseng self-administered council are creating it. They said they would pay the highland farms as compensation to farmers. I heard that […]