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Italy to Screen All China Arrivals for COVID

Italy is making coronavirus tests for visitors from China mandatory following an explosion in cases in China, the health minister said Wednesday. “I have ordered mandatory COVID-19 antigenic swabs, and related virus sequencing, for all passengers coming from China and transiting through Italy,” minister Orazio Schillaci said. The measure was […]

Angered by lockdowns, protests spread in China amid calls for Xi’s ouster

Angered by China’s strict anti-virus lockdowns, protesters took to the streets in more than a dozen cities on Sunday, calling for President Xi Jinping’s ouster in the biggest challenge to Communist Party rule in decades, according to media reports and video footage from social media posts of people on the […]

Malaria cases on the rise along Thai-Burma border, health officials say

Malaria rates are spiking along the Thai-Burma border, health officials in the area say, as people flee fighting in Myanmar that has forced them to live exposed to the elements, increasing their chances of getting bitten by malaria-infected mosquitoes.  “These refugees are fleeing war. They have no home to live […]

WHO Identifying Potential Pandemic Pathogens

The World Health Organization said Monday it was thrashing out a new list of priority pathogens that risk sparking pandemics or outbreaks and should be kept under close observation. The WHO said the aim was to update a list used to guide global research and development (R&D) and investment, especially […]

More than 550 doctors fired by Myanmar junta for refusing to work in protest

The junta’s Ministry of Health has fired 557 government-employed doctors who left their jobs to protest against the military government, revoking their licenses at a time when medical professionals are in short supply, sources in the country’s medical community said Tuesday, citing an official list. The striking doctors joined other […]