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‘Chaithawat’ tells opposition party dinner build familiarity

Parliament, ‘Chaithawat’ believes the decision of the Constitutional Court does not affect relations. “Opposition Coalition” says “tonight’s dinner” has no special agenda Just to get familiar

Mr. Chaithawat Tulathon, list of MPs and the leader of the progressive party Referring to the case of the opposition coalition party’s dinner appointment today, it was a dinner appointment since the meeting on January 18th. Because most of the parties have never worked closely together.

So instead of meeting In order to be close and get to know each other, it is probably worth meeting to eat some time between the executives and members of the party. It’s a regular meal appointment. There was no agenda. Strengthen relationships, such as Mr. Chalermchai Sri-on, leader of the Democrat Party We didn’t have a chance to meet each other in parliament so we could talk.

As for whether it will be compared to the dinner meeting of the coalition government or not, Mr. Chaithawat said that, in fact, it is normal for every parliam
ent. It doesn’t have any significance. As for whether or not to talk about the no-confidence debate as well? You can talk about everything. There was no official meeting agenda.

When asked further, Concerned whether the Constitutional Court’s decision yesterday will affect the relationship of the opposition parties or not, Mr. Chaithawat said it definitely will not. Even though we have opinions or criticisms which are normal in a democratic society. But they are not related. What was announced yesterday I am concerned about what effects this kind of decision can have in the future. Which is something that can cause problems. More than the matter of the Progressive Party It’s not that I don’t accept the judgment. Because it has already had legal consequences.

As for whether or not you are worried if the dissolution of the party really advances? There will be a purchase of MPs from the party. Mr. Chaithawat turned to the MPs from the Progressive Party behind him. Ready to say that he would have to ask the MP.
He didn’t know, but he thought that we had seen it from last time. People who left the party advanced and failed the exam. The people who are still with us can all come back.

‘I’m not interested. It’s better like this. I’m interested in how we can continue to work for the people to accept it. This matter is decided by the people,’ Mr. Chaithawat said.

As for the matter of adjusting the party’s executive committee if the party actually dissolves, Mr. Chaithawat said, ‘Don’t rush to talk just yet. In the new future era, everyone is worried. But he thought that we were growing up. But the important thing is that we haven’t been collapsed yet. I’m still here. Take it easy. Don’t say that the more we collapse, the bigger it will be. Saying that is like making us accept that party dissolution is normal. It’s a pleasure. Which I confirm every time is not a happy thing.’

When asked whether he had personally assessed the dissolution of the party or not, Mr. Chaithawat admitted that there was a risk. At least today,
someone had already complained. Must prepare to deal with the worst situation.

Source: Thai News Agency