Police Seize Firearms, Arrest Eight People in Tachileik Home Raid

Burmese police seized weapons from six Thai nationals and two Burmese nationals in Tachileik, eastern Shan State, this week, following a home raid.

The incident occurred in Per Lai village in Mong Hpong village tract on July 2, after police received a tip.

We were preparing to take legal action against eight illegal weapon traffickers, police sources said.

The Thai nationalsthree men and three womenreportedly did not have travel documents. A Burmese man and woman were also arrested.

According to the police report, the seized weapons included two revolvers, three nine-millimeter pistols, three AK-47 assault rifles, two M-16 assault rifles, three shot guns, one M-12 rifle, one M-22 assault rifle, and 1,950 rounds of various ammunition.

Police also took four Toyota cars in the raid.