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Proposing to set up a committee to study and issue an amnesty committee.

Parliament, ‘Khattiya’ proposes a motion to establish Special Committee to Study Issuance Amnesty law Sob doesn’t approve of absolutely forgiving those who committed crimes, while “Pitha” supports the passage of the Amnesty Act, dating back to 2006.

By Ms. Khattiya Sawatdiphon, list MP, Pheu Thai Party, Ms. Khattiya said that at present Thai society has had a conflict of ideas for many years. Make students and citizens There are a lot of political cases involved. The guidelines for solving such problems Part of this is the enactment of an amnesty law. However, the amnesty law has been used as a political tool by the parties seizing power. The source of amnesty for myself through the appointed council But recently there has been a proposal to bring in an amnesty law to bring the country back to normal. In cases where the guilt factors are related to politics But the problem is which cases should receive amnesty? To bring harmony and not create new conflicts There should be a study and consideration of the cr
iteria to be final. Therefore it will be enacted into law.

Ms. Khattiya further said that Challenges of a civilized society That is, people can live with conflict. Conflict but do not have to kill each other or hurt or destroy each other. Do not have to limit each other’s rights and freedoms. and not threatened to cause fear Because there are different opinions. Therefore, a safe social environment must be designed. Allow citizens to ask questions Can criticize state power without fear of being attacked which in many waves of political conflict There were people who came out to protest. and was prosecuted Blocking rights and freedoms Being threatened is what academics call a ‘legal war’, resulting in a large number of people a political prisoner or have to flee

‘In my opinion Issuance of the Amnesty Act It will be the starting point for taking Thai society forward. without leaving anyone behind and create new standards That we can all argue, have different opinions, and disagree. Within the framework of the
rules Without having to be afraid that it will be threatened or being silenced by the law anymore,’ Ms. Khattiya said.

Ms. Khattiya also stated that because the public sector and some political parties He has submitted his own amnesty bill. Therefore, it may cause society to question. whether the proposal to set up an extraordinary commission was intended to delay, delay, or create a wrong norm or not; I would like to confirm that this law issuance It doesn’t make people not fear the law. But it is about releasing the chains. and make society see that political opinions are not crimes As for the question of whether it is prolonging time or not. Must start with the facts. that not all Thai people agree with the enactment of the amnesty law We therefore need to approach this matter with caution. and listen to voices from various groups of people to cover as much as possible

‘For the people who are worried that there will be an amnesty to government officials or those who have committed crimes against life I a
m a representative of the people. and was one of the losers that are directly affected from the violent actions of government officials I would like to confirm this principle. that there will be no amnesty for crimes That is absolutely life-threatening,’ Ms. Khattiya said in a sobbing voice.

While Pitha Limjaroenrat MPs from the Move Forward Party debate in support Motion to request the establishment of a special committee to consider and study guidelines for enacting the Amnesty Act. The Pheu Thai Party proposes that amnesty is not a new thing in Thai society. And it’s not always scary. If we have a clear goal Thailand has had amnesty a total of 22 times in the past, and if we have a clear goal of amnesty to reduce conflict in society Add stability to politics allowing the economy to move forward A father can be returned to his young daughter. To allow people living abroad with political views that conflict with the state to return to their homeland. Therefore, he thinks that amnesty is not something scary
or has a negative image all the time. He thinks that the opportunity to receive amnesty It should not be monopolized by the coup d’état. or people who think about overthrowing the government alone It is not wise to have a monopoly on people who will undermine it. want to destroy the system democracy alone

Mr. Pitha picked up documents from the council. came up as a reference and stated from 1932 – 2014, no matter what time it was, there was only one time in 1978 when it was an amnesty act for those who committed crimes due to gatherings at Thammasat University. But besides that There is only amnesty for revolutionaries. Seize control of the country Offenses against the security of the kingdom as treason. This is where we should not allow the monopoly of amnesty to be with coups. alone

‘Amnesty is not just a matter of legal acquittal. In English, Amnesty comes from the Greek language, meaning to make one not remember, to forget. He thinks that Thailand must move past the matter of legal acquittal alone. We s
hould think of this as an opportunity to create restorative justice. We should have protection. Don’t let this kind of thing happen again. Makes it more transparent This causes the search for facts to occur. Including being responsible to the public Therefore it will cause reconciliation. It can really happen in the country,’ Mr. Pitha said.

Mr. Pitha said that this is an opportunity for Thai society to move beyond just amnesty. Because it’s just a point. The only way to reduce political conflicts in Thailand is to be stable and focused enough to use our energies to solve problems, whether political, economic, or social. environment or education

Mr. Pitha said that we must first accept that We are in a period of conflict in Thai politics. At least since the coup on September 19, which has created deep wounds and ruptures in Thai society since the Color War. Until the rise and demand of the youth of the new generation, leading to more than 10 lost years from 2006 – 2024, Thai politics has experienced 7 prime
ministers, 2 coups, 4 constitutions, 9 large waves of anti-government mobs, and crackdowns to suppress and disperse the people. Over 5 rounds, hundreds of people died, thousands were injured. The economy has lost hundreds of billions of baht.

‘Therefore, this amnesty We must not think only of those who carried out the coup. But you should think about the victim. People who were killed in a coup We must think about the people affected by government policies inherited from the coup. It is not only necessary to speak out and make political demands. But there is another matter. Such as going to jail, reclaiming forests, or people being sued by the government to silence the people,’ Mr. Pitha said.

Mr. Pitha said that if we can settle together When is the time for amnesty? If you listen to what he says, you will know that at least as far back as 2006, who will receive amnesty, you can probably guess. As for the process that will be done, it’s not just about ending criminal cases. But it is the remedy of coming o
ut and taking responsibility. Do not let a culture of wrongdoing go unpunished. Not only is there amnesty for the people who ordered the killings, but also the people who were killed must be looked after. Speaking only from the point of view of people who have lost their freedom to stay in their home country. Therefore, it will be considered a careful amnesty that achieves the goals that Thailand currently wants. If done like this, I think it will be the first button that will allow us to establish the three sovereignty states of Thailand in a democratic system with the King as Head of State. They are 1. The executive branch, the Prime Minister, can order the police to delay cases. 2. The prosecutor’s side of the court. Must decide the case With conciseness and carefulness, based on only factual information, not emotion. or anything else to decide as well, and 3. The parliamentary party debates the differences in the Amnesty Act, regardless of which party it comes from. and includes the opinions of the people

Source: Thai News Agency