RCSS, Burmese Govt to Discuss Deadlocked Peace Process

To address deadlocked issues in Burma’s peace process, delegations from the government’s Peace Commission and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) have agreed to meet for peace talks this month.

RCSS Secretary (2) Col Sai Nguen told SHAN said that the meeting would take place from July 11-12.

This is not an emergency meeting, he said, adding that it was simply, time to meet.

Topics of discussion will include the current peace process and cooperation for regional and local development, Col Sai Nguen said.

It’s good to meet frequently. It’s better to meet than to have no discussion. Then we will get mutual understanding. After that, we can stop the war, he said.

RCSS representatives added that other ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) are developing their own plans to meet the Peace Commission in the near future.

The Peace Commission’s last informal meeting with an EAO was with the Karen National Union at the office of the National Reconciliation and Peace Center in Yangon on July 9.