Polio this week as of 14 January 2020

Pakistan intensifies cVDPV2 response efforts, focusing on comprehensive outbreak response, strengthened routine immunization, communication and enhanced surveillance. See ‘Pakistan’ section below for more details.

Summary of new viruses this week (AFP cases and environmental samples):

o Pakistan: seven WPV1 cases; and, five WPV1-positive environmental samples

o Angola: two cVDPV2 cases

o Benin: one cVDPV2 case

o Central African Republic (CAR): two cVDPV2 cases

o Ghana: one cVDPV2 case; and, six cVDPV2-positive environmental samples

o Malaysia: one cVDPV1-positive environmental sample; and, one cVDPV2-positive environmental sample

o Philippines: two cVDPV2 cases

o Togo: two cVDPV2 cases

Source: Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Posted in Legal January 17, 2020