Paper Factory Destroyed in Muse Fire

A paper factory was destroyed by a fire in Muse Township, northern Shan State, on Sunday morning.

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Photo by Sai Kwan Mao/

Firefighters in Tein Long village in Muse said that the fire occurred at around 5:00 a.m. and completely demolished the factory, along with 1 million kyat worth of property (nearly US$700).

The fire turned into huge flames by the time the workers woke up, a firefighter told SHAN. It’s a paper factory, so paper burns really easily.

Tein Long locals said that the fire was caused by problems with electrical wiring to the building. They have warned other villagers to check their own wiring in their homes to ensure that similar fires don’t break out again in the area.

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Photo by Sai Kwan Mao/

It is not the first electrical fire in Shan State in recent days. On February 13, a police barracks was destroyed in Panglong, southern Shan State due to the same reason.

Burma’s Fire Fighting Force has urged people to check wiring in homes, factories and monasteriesincluding those connected to solar panelsand call in electricians to replace old wires with new ones.

SHAN called the Muse police department but had received no response at the time of reporting.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News