Gunman Shoots Man In Bordertown

A man was gunned down in the streets of Tachilek, located next to the Thai border.

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Photo Credit to Ko Hla Moe

A witness told SHAN they saw an unidentified gunman shoot at the victim at least five times on Tun Lin Aung road around midday on Thursday.

An unidentified gunman shot at the man when he was walking to his car. The gunman arrived in a private car..He ran away after the shooting, the witness said.

The victim was sent to the Tachilek public hospital.

At the time of reporting, it’s unknown whether the man is in critical or stable condition.

SHAN confirmed the shooting with Police Maj Nyi Nyi Htwe who said an investigation has been launched.

The shooting happened as police launched its ‘Tiger King’ operation.

As part of police efforts to enforce the law and suppress crime over 90 days Nyi Nyi Htwe said 15 check-points will be set up around Tachilek.

There are already 4 checkpoints installed in the downtown area.

If a crime happens, police will seal off the streets in between the checkpoints and arrest perpetrators, Nyi Nyi Htwe said.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News