Tachilek Gold Dealers Robbed for Second Time in Two Months

The latest robbery highlights fears for public safety in the crime-ridden border town.

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The owners of two gold shops in Tachilek were robbed for the second time in just over two months on Monday, raising concerns about crime in the Shan State border town located opposite the Thai city of Mae Sai.

Two masked men entered the Nang Nang Von Kaew Gold Shop (2) at around 2:45pm on Monday and threatened the owners, Aik Von and his aunt Nang Mo, with weapons before fleeing with nearly 250 million kyat (US$163,000) worth of gold jewelry, according to police.

The two men, whose faces were covered with masks, arrived by motorcycle. One man had a pistol and the other wielded a hammer. They entered the gold shop and pointed the gun at the owners. They demanded that they hand over the gold ornaments and then fled the scene, a police officer from Tachilek Myoma Police Station told SHAN.

The Nang Nang Von Kaew Gold Shop (2) is located in Tachilek’s Maekhong Ward. According to the shop’s owners, the robbers made off with 130 gold bracelets, 16 gold wrist chains, and other gold ornaments, worth a total of 249,410,000 kyat.

The owners reported the crime to Tachilek’s Myoma Police Station, where police say they are now seeking to apprehend the two thieves.

This latest incident has highlighted concerns about public safety in Tachilek, where armed robbery and shootings are a common occurrence.

On March 29, six armed men robbed the Nang Nang Von Kaew Gold Shop (1) on Tachilek’s Bogyoke Road in San Sai Ward. They stole 80 tical (1.312kg) of gold, diamond ornaments worth 200,000 baht ($6,380), 2 million baht ($63,800) in cash, and seven mobile phones.

Three suspects were arrested in that case, of whom one was a Thai national.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News