Peru Company Approved to Sell COVID-19 Test Kits That Detect Variants ??

A Peru-based company says it has developed a COVID-19 molecular test kit that can detect the variants of the virus found in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Brazil.

The director of BTS Consultores Research, Milagros Zavaleta says the CavBio can detect the variants in a swab sample but does not distinguish the type of variant.

The low-cost COVID-19 test kits became available for sale after Digemid, the government organization that oversees the safe access to medicines, authorized the BTS production plant to operate.

The director of BTS says the company is in talks with clinics and laboratories to sell the kits, which could prove beneficial, with more countries experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 cases, including variants of the virus.

Peru has confirmed more than 1,093,000 coronavirus cases and 39,608 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University COVID Resource Center.

Source: Voice of America

Posted in General January 26, 2021