Ongoing Clashes Prevent Food From Reaching Hundreds of IDPs in Kyaukme

The clashes have been ongoing since October 2 and continue to occur in the area around Tawng Htig monastery, where the the majority of displaced persons are staying.

“We tried to go to Tawng Htig village with 20 vehicles to provide assistance to the IDPs. The Burma Army and the RCSS were fighting on the road to Tawng Htig, so we could not reach the village,” Kyaukme local Nang Kyein told SHAN on Wednesday. “They were fighting until midnight yesterday. They are still fighting in this morning. If clashes continue in the area, food will run out soon.”

In addition to the 700 IDPs in Tawng Htig, there are also more than 500 IDPs in Pong Woe village.

According to Sai Tun Lin, an electoral candidate from the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party running to represent Kyaukme, the IDPs in Pong Woe currently have food supplies.

“Food is not a problem for IDPs in Pong Woe,” he told SHAN. “We need to send food rations to Tawng Htig village.”

IDPs in Pong Woe said that the Tatmadaw used helicopters to send troop reinforcements and supplies to outposts in the mountains around Pong Woe at around 1:00 p.m. on October 7.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News