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What happens when ChatGPT meets censorship?

The unveiling of ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by American start-up company OpenAI, has fueled huge interest in artificial intelligence and language processing technology. The app can answer questions, translate text and engage in a wide range of other tasks by tapping into huge databases of online information and stringing words […]

Chinese Bank Seeks to Reassure over Missing Star Dealmaker

The disappearance of a star Chinese dealmaker has left his bank struggling to reassure clients and staff, people with knowledge of the matter said on Monday, and has heightened concerns about “key man risk” for investors. Shares of China Renaissance Holdings 1911.HK fell by as much as 5% on Monday, […]

NY Met to Let French Make 3D Copies of Two 16th-Century Sculptures

Two 16th-century sculptures, jewels of French Renaissance art, have been on display since 1908 at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. But thanks to modern technology and an unusual agreement, precise 3D copies will be made and installed in the French castle where the originals long resided. The facsimiles plan […]

CES 2023: Smelling, Touching Take Center Stage in Metaverse 

Is the metaverse closer than we think? It depends on whom you ask at CES, where companies are showing off innovations that could immerse us deeper into virtual reality, otherwise known as VR. The metaverse — essentially a buzzword for three-dimensional virtual communities where people can meet, work and play — […]

Paxlovid Not on ‘Approved Drug List’ for China’s Health Insurance

China will not include Pfizer Inc’s Paxlovid in an update to its list of medicines covered by basic medical insurance schemes as the U.S. firm quoted a high price for the COVID-19 drug, China’s Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA) said Sunday. The COVID-19 antiviral drug is currently covered by the country’s […]

NASA Satellite Falling From the Sky Soon

A 38-year-old retired NASA satellite is about to fall from the sky. NASA said Friday the chance of wreckage falling on anybody is “very low.” Most of the 5,400-pound (2,450-kilogram) satellite will burn up upon reentry, according to NASA. But some pieces are expected to survive. The space agency put […]