ATLANTA and DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, a leader in exact-match domain name brokerage is pleased to announce another successful transaction., a rare two-character domain name, sold for an undisclosed six-figure amount.

“It’s not often that you hear about a two-character domain name being sold of this caliber or for this price. There are only 1,369 possible combinations for two-character .com domains. We are excited to help another entrepreneur join this elite group of domain owners,” explained the VP of Domains at, Sharjil Saleem.

The sale represents another milestone for Over the last six months the company has helped dozens of visionaries acquire incredible domains, like, to build great products on.

“This is a great transaction for both sides. Having worked on this deal for some time, it was wonderful to see it close. It would not have been possible without Sharjil and our counterpart. I know they will do wonderful things with, and like all deals we work on, I certainly look forward to watching,” commented Michael Gargiulo, CEO at

Earlier this year, successfully brokered the sale of for $105,000 (the 3rd largest domain name transaction of 2019 at the time), for $35,000 (the 32nd largest domain name transaction of 2019 at the time); for $57,000 (the 20th largest domain name transaction of 2019 at the time); and facilitated the sales of,,, and, all which went for undisclosed amounts.

“These domains are just the first batch of many more five, six and seven figure sales on the way from We are working with some of the best domain brokers in the world when it comes to prospecting, negotiating and deal-making. In this market, it is these brokers who get great deals done. If you have premium domains, having an exclusive broker can ensure you are doing more than hopelessly waiting for offers to come in,” Gargiulo concluded.

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