SNDP’s electoral candidate Sao Myo Tint is the son of the late Sankar Saopha Sao Khun Kyi. His father was the Shan prince for Nyaung Shwe Township, located in southern Shan State.

A retired government school teacher, Sao Myo Tint now teaches at DNNA private school in Shan State’s capital city, Taunggyi.

One of his election promises is education reform. “In our area, many students leave school early. They don’t realize how important it is,” Sao Myo Tint said, explaining he wants to introduce free education for all the “young children.”

Sao Myo Tint called Burma’s educational system “weak” and its curriculum poor. “Students only learn in the classroom,” he said. “They don’t get practical lessons.” Sao Myo Tint told SHAN he wants to change that.

He also wants to establish a vegetable market for farmers, as well as a food processing plant.

“Whether or not I win in an election depends on the people. I intend to work for the people, but first I need to be in Parliament,” Sao Myo Tint said. Even if he doesn’t win, he vowed to work for change outside of politics.

SNDP (aka White Tiger Party) is contesting 39 townships in Shan State, including 10 seats for House of Nationalities (Senate), 32 for House of Representatives, 64 for Shan State Parliament and for the Minister of Shan Ethnic Affairs in Kachin State and Mandalay Region. The party fielded 108 electoral candidates for the 2020 race.

In 2010, the party won in 58 constituencies. Six parliamentarians were appointed as ministers in the Shan State government. During the 2015 general elections, SNDP only won one seat in Mongpan Township, located in southern Shan State.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News