Poor Street Lighting Contributes to Crime in Muse, Locals Say

With dozens of streetlights burned out in the Shan State-China border town of Muse, robberies and theft has been on the rise, locals told SHAN.

Sai Leng, who lives in Muse, said that only two�of around 40�streetlights are currently functioning on the main road leading to the border.

There is no light from the lampposts between Kant Kaw junction and Ahlae Pauk on the Union road. Some lampposts do not have bulbs. Some lampposts have bulbs but they don’t work. Some lampposts were hit by cars, Sai Leng explained, adding that the lampposts had not been fixed since last year.

The road has become known for crime, others said.

It’s completely dark from the hospital along the road to China. Robberies occur in the area almost everyday, Sai Sam, who lives Muse’s market ward, told SHAN.

He said that the town’s authorities should repair the non-functioning lampposts and ensure the road is well lit, for security reasons.

SHAN repeatedly called the Muse Township electricity distribution department and the police station for comments on the state of the streetlights and crime statistics, but received no response at the time of reporting.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News

Posted in Legal January 30, 2020