Police Crack Down On Illegal Gambling

All illegal casinos in Tachilek, a border town in Burma near the Thai border, have been shut down after the government enacted stricter laws on gambling, said a police officer.

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Photo by SHAN � Tachilek, a border town in Burma near the Thai border

If someone wants to open a casino they need to submit an application to the government, and adhere to the new regulations, Police Maj Nyi Nyi Htwe told SHAN.

The Tachilek police officer said they’ve raided six illegal gambling dens and arrested the owners.

The six gambling halls weren’t connected with any of the hotels. They were being operated out of other locations. We haven’t seen any gambling in hotels, Pol. Maj. Nyi Nyi Htwe told SHAN.

Locals estimate the police raids on the gambling dens have put more than 7,000 out of work.

About 200 unemployed workers have sought help finding new jobs from the government.

Ko Soe told SHAN after police raided their businesses some of the Thai owners of the illegal casinos are still frequenting hotels.

Other Thais involved with online gambling are also still in town but he didn’t know if they’re still in operation.

In the past there were a lot of Thai gamblers being shuttled from the hotels to the gambling halls, Ko Soe said, but now they meet in the market and travel by private car to unknown destinations.

Nyi Nyi Htwe told SHAN police are cracking down on crime for the next 90 days under its ‘Tiger King’ operation.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News

Posted in Legal February 29, 2020