Myanmar To Have Friendly Cooperation With All Countries: Commander-In-Chief

Myanmar will conduct friendly cooperation with all countries, while the country’s foreign policy will not change, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, Sen-Gen Min Aung Hlaing, said yesterday.

In his first televised message to the public, after the declaration of a one-year state of emergency, he said that during the period, there will be no change in foreign, executive and economic policies, and Myanmar will continue its current political path.

Min Aung Hlaing, in his capacity as chairperson of the State Administration Council, reiterated a five-point roadmap, to be implemented during the state of emergency.

Under the roadmap, the Union Election Commission, which was recently reformed, will review the electoral process of last year’s elections.

The ongoing preventive measures against COVID-19 will continue to be implemented without losing momentum, while emphasis will be put on distributing vaccines all over the country.

Arrangements are being made to help businesses, which were affected by COVID-19, the commander-in-chief said, calling for investment from both home and abroad.

The council’s chairperson stressed plans, to achieve eternal peace across the country, in accordance with a nationwide ceasefire agreement and called for cooperation of the ethnic people and ethnic armed organisations to achieve lasting peace.

The council will hold free and fair general elections, and the power of the state will be handed over to the political party which wins the elections, in line with democracy standards, he said.

The military demanded the postponement of new parliamentary sessions, citing massive voting fraud in the Nov, 2020 elections

Source: NAM News Network