Civilian Murdered In Northern Shan State

The body of a civilian was found dead in his field after being shot in northern Shan State.

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Neighbours of Sai Kaw suspect the 30-year-old male was killed by one of the many armed groups operating in Mueng Ting village tract, located in Kyaukme township.

Sai Tun Win, an MP for Kyaukme constituency-1, told SHAN villagers didn’t hear gunfire on the morning the victim was murdered. They found the dead body of Sai Kaw when they went to their garden, he explained.

The MP said Sai Kaw wasn’t involved with the armed groups.

Sai Kaw was just a normal civilian.

With many groups active in the area, Sai Tun Win said it’s difficult to say who killed him.

It’s really scary! Loong Sai La told SHAN. Our people don’t have any security. I don’t understand why they have to shoot civilians!

He said the armed groups often target the male villagers in Mueng Ting village tract but police never arrest anyone.

Last November, three village headmen from the area were shot and killed while sitting in a restaurant in Kyaukme town.

Another man, who was a member of the USDP, was also shot in Mueng Ting village tract late last year.

In late January, an administration clerk in Mueng Ting was gunned down.

The Burma Army, Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army and Ta’ang National Liberation Army are active in Kyaukme township. All of the groups have been accused of targeting civilians.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News

Posted in Legal February 29, 2020