Tachileik Police Arrest Thai National in Anti-Crime Operation

Police in the Thai-Burma border town of Tachileik in eastern Shan State have said that they seized a pistol, magazine, and 16 rounds of ammunition from a Thai national on Sunday.

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A police officer told SHAN that they raided a house in Sansai Ward B at around 6:30 p.m. on February 16. The raid was part of what the police are referring to as the 90-day Tiger King Operation to fight crime in the area.

We arrested a Thai national who was living in Tachileik without official documents. We also seized a weapon, the police officer said. He added that the individual has been going by the names Sai La and Sai Sam while living in Tachileik.

It was unclear if or how he was involved in any additional criminal activities. The suspect is detained in Tachileik Myoma police station, and has been charged with possession of an illegal weapon.

The Tiger King operation has been ongoing since early February in an attempt to repress crime in Tachileik Township. Since the operation began, a man has been shot dead in the town, and the killer remains at large.

Tachileik is informally known as a haven for drug and weapons trafficking.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News