SNLD Halts Campaigns in Mong Hsat and Mongton After COVID-19 Cases Found

Between October 12 and 14, two people in Mongton town and one person in Mong Hsat were found to be infected with the coronavirus.

Sai Wunna, an SNLD electoral candidate for Mong Hsat’s Constituency 2, said that villagers throughout Mong Hsat no longer wanted political parties to campaign in their communities after the COVID-19 infections were confirmed.

“The villagers did not allow us to enter their villages for the election campaign after a confirmed case of COVID-19 was found in Mong Hsat,” Sai Wunna said, noting that the SNLD was not blocked from campaigning by the local authorities. “Our election campaign will be delayed. They are waiting to see what the situation is with COVID-19. They said that they would call us if the situation is fine. I don’t know when they will call us.”

Sai Wunna said that the COVID-19 patients were receiving medical treatment in Monghsat hospital.

Nang Ohn Phyu, an SNLD candidate for Mongton, said that parties had to stop their campaigns in Mongton as well.

Burma’s general election is scheduled for November 8.

At the time of reporting, the Ministry of Health and Sports has reported 32,351 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 14,706 recoveries, and 765 deaths.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News