The man died instantly when a bomb he found in his paddy field exploded after he took it home.

A man in southern Shan State’s Mongpan Township was killed last Friday when a bomb he found on his property exploded in front of his home.

Khun Wiya, 34, died instantly in the explosion, which also inflicted injuries on his wife, Nang Nom.

The incident occurred in Nawng Lay, a village in Mongpan’s Ner Moon village tract, around 4pm on May 31.

Khun Wiya brought the unexploded bomb to his home after he found it in his paddy field. When he knocked it after he arrived home, it exploded, Sai Nawng, the elected representative for Mongpan constituency, told SHAN.

He was killed on the spot. His wife received injuries to her back, he added.

It was unclear who was responsible for planting the bomb in the field. There are several armed groups active in the area, including the Burma Army, government militias and the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army.

According to Sai Nawng, the majority of people living in the area are ethnic Shan and Pa-O.

Due to the long history of conflict in Shan State, many parts of the state are covered with unexploded bombs and landmines. Landmine-awareness campaigners urge local people to avoid contact with any explosive devices they discover in their fields.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News