Locals say that tension in the area remains high and people have been forced to work as military guides.


“There are no clashes in the Kutkai area, but the Burma Army has more troops between Kutkai and Muse. There are more troops in the area than before,” a local told SHAN on the condition of anonymity.


Naw Latt, who lives in Kutkai Township, told SHAN that at least 17 people have been taken into Burma Army custody and forced to serve as guides for the troops. They have since been released, but he said that people are afraid that they could be detained again at any time, or that fighting will break out with ethnic armed organizations active in the area.


“Local people are so afraid of clashes, because clashes can suddenly occur and the Burma Army columns can arrest local people to work as route guides,” Naw Latt told SHAN. “They are therefore afraid to go to work on their rotating farms.”


In addition to the Burma Army, both the Ta’ang National Liberation Army and the Kachin Independence Army have troop activity in the Kutkai area.


Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News

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