Hundreds of Kyaukme IDPs Remain Displaced as Tatmadaw Soldiers Occupy Their Village

Nang Ei Mon Aung, the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy’s electoral candidate for Kyaukme Township’s Constituency 1, said that more than 2,000 IDPs returned to their villages on October 18. But some 300 from Ho Nam and Kawng Mu Khan still cannot go back home and are staying in a monastery until government troops leave.

Burmese soldiers also stayed in Nam Mahin village after its residents fled nearby clashes and sought refuge in a monastery. When they returned, villagers found their homes looted and tehir livestock killed. Artillery shells were also found around the community.

“I’ve heard that military columns have come into Pon Wow village today. I guess some military columns remain present in some villages,” Nang Ei Mon Aung told SHAN.

More than 2,000 IDPs have returned to their villages since October 16.

“We want respective officials to fix those houses that were damaged by soldiers. Even though people are returning home, they remain worried about their security,” Nang Awng, who is helping the IDPs, told SHAN.

Electoral candidates have said that ahead of the November 8 election, they have been unable to campaign in the area due to fighting between the Burma Army and RCSS from October 11 until October 11.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News