Bangladesh: Project Highlights – “Piloting of alternative cooking fuel for highly vulnerable, newly-arrived Rohingya refugees in Jamtoli camp” (OSRO/BGD/705/IRE)

Objective: To introduce LPG cooking sets through its provision to refugees and heavily impacted host community populations to enable them to restore their food security.

Key partners: The Refugee, Relief and Repatriation Commissioner and the Ministry of Forestry and Environment � Cox’s Bazar South Forest Division

Beneficiaries reached: 2 500 refugee households (12 500 people) and 500 host community households (2 500 people).

Activities implemented:

Distributed LPG cooking sets to refugee and host community households. Provided vouchers for refillable gas for a duration of five months to each beneficiary household from both populations. Assisted with the adoption of protocols in the usage and management of LPGs. Established the Energy and Environment Technical Working Group (EETWG) and actively involved in the Livelihoods Working Group and Food Security Sector. Set up a zone warden system through EETWG. Provided training on fire safety and efficient use of LPG cooking sets. Conducted an awareness campaign and presented nutrition messaging for 200 000 people in camps and host communities.


Contributed to building social cohesion. Paved the way for a larger rollout of LPG gas cylinders to further areas in the camps. Ensured the implementation of existing reforestation and livelihoods programmes. Coordinated energy and environment programmes. Sustained fire prevention, preparedness and response in vulnerable host and refugee communities. Established key formal relationships with the Forestry Department and NGO partner Arnnayk Foundation.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations