10 Men Arrested For Money Extortion In Myanmar’s Southern Region

YANGON, Myanmar, A total of 10 men have been arrested for extorting money from local charcoal makers, in a forest in Myanmar’s southern Bago region, the police is reported as saying.

Claiming as members of the news media from the capital, Nay Pyi Taw, the 10 people took photos of charcoal manufacturers’ plants in the forest reserve on Wednesday, threatening the charcoal makers about their illegal making of charcoal and demanding them to pay 200,000 kyats (133.3 U.S. dollars).

A day later, the same 10-men threatened other bamboo charcoal-makers in the same way.

However, a fight erupted which involved in police intervention.

During the police’s interrogation, the offenders confessed that they had extorted one million kyats (666 U.S. dollars) from a charcoal maker in the same area, five days earlier.

Police have filed against the 10 people.

Source: NAM News Network

Posted in General February 3, 2019