YANGON, Myanmar, Myanmar’s first ever Ethnics Culture Festival, kicked off Friday evening, in Yangon, featuring traditions, culture and unity of the country’s ethnic nationals.

Scheduled to last until Jan 30, the festival is organised by the Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association.

Understanding of different traditions and cultures, could be exchanged between ethnic people through the festival, which will bring further unity to them, Nai Thet Lwin, Union Minister of Ethnic Affairs, told the opening ceremony of the festival.

The festival features exhibits, showcasing cultural tradition and livelihood of ethnic nationals and their products, as well as, ethnic cuisine and traditional dances.

Union Minister of Hotels and Tourism, U Ohn Maung, said, the festival could introduce cultural traditions of Myanmar’s ethnic groups to the international community.

The six-day festival aims to demonstrate friendship and unity of ethnic people, to support peace yearned for by the people.

It also allows locals, foreigners and ethnic people to know, observe and visit the cultural tradition and national beauty of the ethnic groups’ land and develop travel businesses.– NNN-MNA

Source: NAM News Network