Outspoken US Labor Leader Owen Bieber Dies at 90

Former U.S. labor leader Owen Bieber, one of the country’s most outspoken anti-apartheid activists who also backed Poland’s Solidarity labor movement, has died at 90.

A longtime union member, Bieber took over as the head of the United Auto Workers …

Posted in Health February 17, 2020

Fighting in Cameroon Kills Several Dozen

YAOUNDE – A least 35 civilians have reportedly been killed and 40 homes torched in less than a week in Cameroon’s English-speaking Northwest region, following bloody clashes between government troops and separatists fighting for the creation of an independent English-speaking …

Posted in Health February 16, 2020

Ministers seek to Reinforce Drive to Cut Libya Arms Supplies

MUNICH, GERMANY – Foreign ministers and other top officials from about a dozen countries gathered Sunday in Germany to keep up the push for peace in Libya after countries with interests in its long-running civil war agreed to respect a …

Posted in General February 16, 2020

Algeria Marks One-year Anniversary of Anti-government Protests

PARIS – Algeria is marking the one-year anniversary this week of its massive popular uprising pretty much the way it started � with more street protests and a sense that demands for fundamental political change remain unmet.

The political landscape …

Posted in General February 15, 2020

US Hails Senegal as ‘Anchor of Democracy’ in West Africa

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Senegal, where he will hold talks with President Macky Sall focused on strengthening security ties and promoting deeper economic cooperation.

The U.S. officially recognized Senegal as an independent state in 1960, and the …