Locals found the body of a woman at the river port between Kon Hai and Nawng Kham villages along the Namkham River in the township by the same name on Tuesday.

The body was identified as 27-year-old Ma Sanda Win, who lived in Kyauke town. She had been working in China, and reportedly died at the river port on her way back home.

The Garuna Social Volunteer Team, based in Muse, arranged for her body to sent back to her family.

Local people from Namkham requested that we send the body of Ma Sanda Win to her town yesterday, a staff member from Garuna told SHAN on Wednesday. The individual added that she was from Yankin ward in Kyaukme.

Ma Sanda Win’s cause of death remains unknown, but witnesses said that she had suffered a strong fever before she died.

Kyaukme locals often cross the border from northern Shan State to China due to the lack of work available in Kyaukme. Recent clashes between armed groups in the area have also caused locals to flee and seek work elsewhere.

Source: The Shan Herald Agency for News