FAO Country Programming Framework for Myanmar 2017-2022

1. The Myanmar Country Programming Framework (CPF) outlines the priority areas of FAO support to and partnership with the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (GoRUM) in the six-year period from 2017 to 2022. The CPF will contribute to achieving government strategies and policies, respond to specific needs of Myanmar by focussing on government priority areas and guide FAO’s technical assistance to the Government. It does not prescribe a rigid framework; rather, the CPF can be revisited and changed when required according to government priorities during the period.

2. In formulating the CPF, FAO reviewed a series of international, national and FAO’s organizational strategies and polices. These include among others, the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework, Myanmar Agricultural Development Strategy (ADS), National Land Use Policy, Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (2016-2030), Myanmar Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction, National One Health Strategy, Myanmar Agricultural Statistics for 2016 -2017, National Biodiversity Strategy and Action-Plan, the Myanmar UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF 2018 – 2022), FAO Strategic Objectives and FAO Regional Priorities and Initiatives.

3. The CPF was prepared based on intensive consultations and agreement with the Foreign Economic Relations Department (FERD) and relevant line ministries, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the private sector and other development partners.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Posted in Arts March 14, 2019