Lithium Werks Power Cell Manufacturing Continues to Grow

AUSTIN, Texas and ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands, Nov. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Though 2020 has brought many unprecedented challenges to all businesses around the world, Lithium Werks continues to manufacture the Best in Class patented Lithium Iron Nanophosphate™ Power cells for the most demanding markets. Our 26650 Nanophosphate™ cells are used as single cells, as […]

Isolated for Months, Island Crew Sees Pandemic for First Time

HONOLULU – Just as the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold, in February, four people set sail for one of the most remote places on Earth – a small camp on Kure Atoll, at the edge of the uninhabited Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.There, more than 1,4…

Posted in General November 19, 2020