Day: September 5, 2020

Relay & Fio Corp. Address Market Development and Fionet COVID-19 Applications

Government, Media, and Doctors Are Aligning on Need for Routine, Controlled Testing at Airports, Workplaces, Homes, and Other Decentralized Locations Health Canada has taken steps indicating the move toward mass distributed testing using rapid diagnostic tests which are compatible with the Fio solution Fionet Devices, usable by non-expert personnel, enables lab-grade diagnostic testing in pharmacies, […]

WHO: Mass COVID Vaccinations Unlikely Before Middle of 2021

GENEVA – The World Health Organization says it is unlikely a safe, effective vaccineagainst COVID-19 will be available for widespread use before the middle of next year. Urging people to lower their expectations, health officials say the development o…

India Reports More Than 86,000 New COVID-19 Cases

India reported 86,432 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, taking its total infections to 4,023,179, according to Johns Hopkins University.The U.S. and Brazil are the only countries that have more cases than India. The U.S. leads the world in COVID infections…