Myanmar Postpones Panglong Peace Conference To Third Week Of Aug

Myanmar postponed the fourth meeting of the 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference, to the third week of this month, a senior official told media on Saturday. “The peace conference will be held on Aug 19, 20 and 21. We can’t postpone the date anymore, as there will be a campaign period of political parties for […]

Early in Pandemic, Frantic Doctors Traded Tips Across Oceans

Amid the chaos of the pandemic’s early days, doctors who faced the first coronavirus onslaught reached across oceans and language barriers in an unprecedented effort to advise colleagues trying to save lives in the dark. With no playbook to follow and no time to wait for research, YouTube videos describing autopsy findings and X-rays swapped […]

Mexico No. 3 in Virus Deaths; Storm Could Hinder US Response

  Mexico now has the third most COVID-19 deaths in the world, behind Brazil and the United States, where a hurricane bearing down on the East Coast on Saturday is threatening to complicate efforts to contain the virus. Hurricane Isaias’ imminent arrival forced the closure of some outdoor testing sites even though Florida has become […]

Spain, Britain at COVID-19 Loggerheads

  LONDON – A former Spanish prime minister once described the rock of Gibraltar, which Spain ceded to Britain in 1713, as a stone in the shoe of Anglo-Spanish relations. But Gibraltar currently isn’t the only source of Spanish irritation with the British. Last week’s abrupt decision by London to require Britons returning from vacation […]

Newspaper Uncovers More Than 6,000 COVID Infections on US College Campuses

A New York Times survey of 270 U.S. colleges and universities has uncovered 6,600 COVID-19 infections among students and staff and 14 coronavirus-related deaths. Hundreds of the almost 1,000 schools the newspaper contacted did not reply to the questions. The statistics do not include numbers for the fall semester that has already started at some schools. “This […]