Month: February 2020

SHAN UNITY: An Impossible Dream?

A lot of Shan patriots and as well ordinary Shan citizens have been pondering on how unity could be achieved among the four stakeholder parties, the two Shan armies and two political parties.

They actually did manage to form an …

Farmers Face Drought In Southern Shan State

In advance of the hot season villagers in southern Shan State are experiencing weather conditions that are much drier than usual.

Summer hasn’t even come yet and we’re already facing drought, said Sai Kyaw, from Kholam township.

2020 2 18 …

PMF Attempts to Start Coal Mining Project in Laikha

The Wanpang People’s Militia Force (PMF) is trying to start a coal mining project in Laikha Township in southern Shan State, locals told SHAN.

2020 2 18 Laikha2020 2 18 Laikha

Photo by Laikha civilian

Khu Daw-Na, the leader of …

Posted in Legal February 29, 2020

Civilian Murdered In Northern Shan State

The body of a civilian was found dead in his field after being shot in northern Shan State.

KME frature image 1KME frature image 1

KME frature image 1

Neighbours of Sai Kaw suspect the 30-year-old male was killed by …

Posted in Legal February 29, 2020

Police Crack Down On Illegal Gambling

All illegal casinos in Tachilek, a border town in Burma near the Thai border, have been shut down after the government enacted stricter laws on gambling, said a police officer.

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Photo by SHAN …

Posted in Legal February 29, 2020